Trendwatching for Theologians: DIY Dominion

What is Trendwatching for Theologians: The institutional church is always the last to adapt.  After philosophy, the arts and sciences and pop culture catch a trend, the church always comes in last.  We live in an era of disruptive change on a scale that dwarfs the Renaissance/Reformation.   Rather than waiting for the change to overwhelm us, … Continue reading Trendwatching for Theologians: DIY Dominion

Summer Reading for 2012 – Try a little Dickens

Originally printed in the Covenant Courier June 2012 Issue “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” His writing shook the world.  His vivid depictions of urban squalor gave fuel to reforms in labor laws and in the management of charitable institutions.   He crafted prose rich in sensory detail, and he … Continue reading Summer Reading for 2012 – Try a little Dickens