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Geneva Two:  A Parable of Christian Community and Calling

Geneva Two Cover

Available on Amazon in both print and Kindle editions

Written as the oral history of a fictional intentional community, Geneva Two tells the stories of people whose faith has been shaped by sharing life together. Come experience the joys, the pains, and the challenges of living in authentic Christian community.

Each chapter is told by a different character, leading the reader into a rich reflection on a particular theme of Christian living. Small groups will have plenty of fodder for a week by week study of the Biblical concepts explored in each chapter.


Reviews, Rants, and Reflections (ebook – for Kindle only)

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 2.34.51 PMThe best posts of the Eagle and Child blog from 2005. See glimpses of the gospel in such books as “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” and “The Kite Runner.” Enjoy reflections on films such as “Garden State” and “Love Actually.” Read an impassioned defense against an atheist’s critique of “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.” This volume also contains reflections on evangelism, fasting, the environment, and art.

Prophet of the Sun:

  Available on Amazon in Print and Kindle Edition

When Rev. Calvin Poteat lost his wife and child in a car accident, he went home to Asheville, NC to seek consolation from his family and friends.

Now his best friend, tech millionaire John Carter, has disappeared on the eve of a treasure hunt, and Calvin is caught in a web of deceit and betrayal. Can Calvin find John Carter before the shadowy pursuers get him? Do his nightmares about the ancient past hold clues to the treasure they all seek? What secrets will be revealed by the treasure and the truth about ….

…the Prophet of the Sun

Send Me: The Story of Salkehatchie Summer Service (Russell contributed a chapter)

 Available on Amazon in Print

Come celebrate. Celebrate thirty years of lives renewed and changed as homes are restored. Celebrate thousands of young people cheerfully sweating and toiling in harsh conditions while serving the poorest of South Carolina’s poor. Celebrate bonds made between local families in need and volunteers who learn that they get even more than they give. Celebrate Salkehatchie Summer Service, a mission of the United Methodist Church South Carolina Conference from its 1978 beginning of one camp for forty teen and adult volunteers to its more than forty-one camps and over twenty-seven hundred volunteers annually. Come celebrate Send Me! The Story of Salkehatchie Summer Service, and discover the stories, people, places, and blessings of a unique program that changes living conditions, lives, and hearts.

Other Media:

Going Deeper With The Holy Spirit”  Presentation given to the CS Lewis Institute of Cincinnati in January 2014.  (Note, the presentation does include audio, so make sure your speakers are on).  (see presentation)

Sermons and Articles at Third Millennium Ministries

Audio Sermons from Covenant-First Presbyterian Church

2 thoughts on “Russell Smith Books and Other Media

  1. Russel: You might enjoy myClergy Tales–Tails: Who Wags the Dog (vol 1) and Vol 2: Wagging: Friendly but Exhausting, as my attempt to build respect for clergy one story at a time.

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