Join the Thanksgiving Conspiracy!

I’m engaged in a conspiracy.   It’s a conspiracy to celebrate Thanksgiving with as much anticipation and excitement as we approach Halloween or Christmas.   Our goal, should you join us, is to replace “Turkey Day” with “The Thanksgiving Season”. Care to join us?   Then let me challenge you with a little practice for the Thanksgiving Season:  … Continue reading Join the Thanksgiving Conspiracy!

Some people just want to be unhappy

Some people just want to be unhappy. They will latch on to you.  Out of compassion, you try to meet their needs.   Somehow the bucket never fills.  They are still unhappy.    Their conversation is a litany of complaint, woe, and frustration.   In response to every suggestion they will explain why it won’t work.  Their favorite … Continue reading Some people just want to be unhappy

The challenge of social wellbeing

I’m having a hard time writing about a topic.   I hope you can help. Perhaps you’ve figured out I’ve been blogging about Gallup’s Wellbeing project.   Gallup identifies five areas of Wellbeing: Career, Social, Financial, Physical, and Community.   These five areas work together, contributing to one another, supporting and bolstering one another.   Together they shape our … Continue reading The challenge of social wellbeing

The Key to Financial Wellbeing

In economically anxious times, how can we speak of financial wellbeing? We struggle to make our piles of pennies meet the mountains of expenses.   We stress about costs spiraling higher.   Worry, angst, anxiety.   On average, married couples argue about financial issues three times a month. Yet here’s what the Gallup wellbeing study has to say about … Continue reading The Key to Financial Wellbeing