When Someone Gets Your Good Idea First….

I had a great idea.

As part of the Thanksgiving Conspiracy, I was going to ask people to take photos of things for which they are grateful.   I was going to invite them to post those photos on Instagram or Facebook.   I was even going to call it the “Instagratitude” project.    Catchy, right?

I thought it would be great to publicly share with our friends things for which we are grateful.  If we’re going to start a movement to create a Thanksgiving Season, we need some shared activity, right?

Just as I was writing the post to introduce my great idea, it occurred to me that I should search “instagratitude” just in case someone has already used that tag.  Who knows, maybe someone was tagging those sickeningly cute kitten pictures with “instagratitude” – it never hurts to check.

Sure enough, someone else had my great idea.  Allie Creative in Portland, OR.

Not only that, but Allie has articulated the great idea in a far more winsome way than I ever could.  She’s created nifty web badges and a really well-designed logo.  And she’s inviting the world to join her in 30 days of Instagratitude.

I think this could become a great Thanksgiving Season holiday tradition.   I encourage you to visit her site and learn about the 30 Days of  Instagratitude project.   If you feel so led, then jump on board.

I’m going to give it a shot (though I don’t promise daily posts – I’ll be happy if I get one up a week).  If you’d like to see my photos on Instagram, look for me – my handle is possiblehorizon.

Soli Deo Gloria


2 thoughts on “When Someone Gets Your Good Idea First….

  1. Russell, I’m excited that I’m not the only one with this idea, and that you found me! I just followed you on Instagram and look forward to seeing your gratigrams next month. 🙂

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