Evangelism is NOT Multilevel Marketing!

Growing up in the Bible Belt, I would from time to time feel pressure from my well intentioned Christian friends.   “You need to be more aggressive in evangelism.”   “There are lost souls all about us”  “Jesus calls all his disciples to evangelism, it’s a matter of obedience.” Freely, I admit that I resented such pressure.  … Continue reading Evangelism is NOT Multilevel Marketing!

God’s Call In Retrospect (Genesis 50:15-21)

Providence is best viewed in the rear-view mirror. Case in point: Joseph. God had a clear calling for Joseph, but He revealed this calling through symbolic dreams, cryptic parables hinting that all of Joseph’s family would bow down before him.  Joseph thought he had a bright promising future. And then his brothers betrayed him; Joseph … Continue reading God’s Call In Retrospect (Genesis 50:15-21)