Footsteps Fridays: Index to blog posts reflecting on the “Footsteps of Jesus” pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Welcome to the Index of blog posts about the "Footsteps of Jesus" pilgrimage I took in the Spring of 2017.  I'm writing this series as a way of processing the experience and sharing my photos and reflections with our church, my friends, and those interested in pilgrimage and the Christian faith.  Every Friday, I'll put [...]

Are You A Maker Or A Faker

For the last two days, we’ve been talking about the contrast of Makers with Takers and Breakers.  But there’s another group that are worth contrasting with Makers:  the Fakers. Jim Ewel at the Agile Marketing blog interacts with the idea of Makers, Takers, and Fakers.  In applying these distinctions to marketing, he associates Takers with [...]

Are You A Maker Or A Taker

Yesterday, we talked about Tom Friedman’s distinction between Makers and Breakers.  But there’s another popular contrast with Makers - the Takers. The distinction between Makers and Takers was, at one point, conservative code talk for “economic producers” vs “people on welfare.”  However, just last year, Rana Foroohar came out with a book labeling the takers [...]

Are You A Maker or a Breaker

This is a golden era for makers, says Tom Friedman.  His latest book, Thank You For Being Late, covers many of his tried and true themes: globalization, the increasing pace of change, adaptability and opportunity. Friedman’s gift is to give a simple, pithy distillation of complex social forces.  He recaps for us the unprecedented change [...]

Power Is Seductive, But Never Satisfies

This post is part of a series reflecting on my Pilgrimage to the Holy Land. The Pilgrimage was a guided experience called “The Footsteps of Jesus”  - every Friday, I’ll be posting a “Footsteps Friday” reflection. I look forward to your sharing your thoughts and comments.  Our pilgrimage following the footsteps of Jesus followed a [...]

Choose Your Focus, Or Someone Else Will

Michael Phelps. He is a thrilling competitor and an inspiring figure.  Fueled by his intense focus to break the Olympic medal record and to elevate the status of Swimming as a sport, Phelps has stirred the heart of a nation and stoked the ambitions of generations of swimmers. William Wilberforce.  His two great aims in [...]