4 Life Lessons I Learned From A Nonagenarian’s Story

You’d like Nora if you met her.  She’s a lovely 96-year-old member of our church (your vocabulary word for the day is nonagenarian: a person in their 90’s).   Nora would immediately charm you with her smile and her cheery demeanor; I’d bet a steak dinner on it.   I’ve also found that she is very wise. [...]

These Ordinary People Are Quietly Changing The World

Have you had one of those days where things seem to connect? That was my Wednesday. My mid-morning coffee break usually includes reading online magazines, looking for interesting and inspiring stories to add to my collection.  I was not disappointed. I came across this touching article about the Belgian village of Geel.  This little community [...]

What Is The Holy Spirit Up To? A Wealth Of Gifts For The Common Good

Ours is an era of suspicion. Don’t take my word for it; read this Nov 30, 2013 article from the Associated Press about their poll of Americans, asking how much they trust their fellow citizens.  The results tempt me to fear for the Republic.  Now, nearly 2/3 of the American public says they really can’t [...]

4 Steps To Become A Curator Of Inspiration

Curator of Inspiration: It’s not a job title – it’s a role.  It’s something you do, regardless of your official position in the organization.  I’ve written earlier about the Pastor as a Curator of Inspiration; this is just one of many hats a pastor gets to wear.  However, it’s a fun hat, and it’s a [...]

Spaceship Earth: Is it Babel or Jerusalem?

Continuing the discussion on the Age of Design….My friend Joshua Long, while ruminating on the concept of the Age of Design, had 2 contrasting scriptures come to mind: The Tower of Babel and Nehemiah 1 (where Nehemiah prayerfully undertakes the task of restoring ruined Jerusalem)And that made me think of Spaceship Earth.  Yes, the ride [...]

God Doesn’t Call You to Prosper … God Calls You to Build

The wealth and prosperity gospel says that God wants you to prosper. But the Bible tells us something different. The Bible tells us to build. God gave an initial charge to humanity: “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it.  Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of [...]