Is God In Cyberspace? (Reflections on Tom Friedman’s “Thank You For Being Late”)

“Is God in Cyberspace?” Tom Friedman says that’s the best question he’s ever received on a book tour.  He didn’t have a ready answer - it sent him thinking, pondering, asking other people.  A good question deserves the respect of patience, wrestling, and consideration.  Friedman could have given an impromptu answer.  Instead, he queried others. [...]

The Power Of The Pause: Reflections on Friedman’s “Thank You For Being Late”

This post is the second in an extended review/reflection on Tom Friedman's Thank You For Being Late.  See the first post for an introduction and index to the series Who has time to pause?  Our era is characterized by exponential change, rapid growth, and a dizzying array of competitive options for our attention.  Tom Friedman’s Thank [...]