2 thoughts on “6 Ways of Understanding Missional

  1. I think there’s some really good insight in your slide show. But I have a question. What do you do when people don’t ask why you’re doing what you are?

    • Rachelle,
      Great question. My experience has been that as I build relationships, I have opportunities to talk descriptively about my faith. It may not be in direct response to a question, but rather arise out of a conversation in which I tell a story about a person in our church. Something like “You know, someone in our church experienced something like that .. ” Or perhaps in sharing stories about experiences I would talk about how my own prayer life ties in to what we’re talking about. This often leads to opportunities to recommend books, invite people to events, etc.

      Of course this is rooted in a couple of things 1) that I have a living relationship with God 2) that I’m building a relationship with the other person by asking lots of questions and listening 3) that I’m trusting the truth behind I Corinthians 3:5-8 – that I’m just a part of a larger process that God is using to cause growth.

      Like I said – Great question. Thanks for commenting.

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