How The Meek Inherit The Earth


St Francis in Mom’s Garden
Photo by Russell Smith

Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.

Yeah, right. 

In what way could that possibly be true? 

It’s easy to say, “Oh that’s a future promise.”  In other words, “Suck it up now, and you’ll get a nice shiny reward in heaven.”   While we certainly hope in the life eternal, isn’t there a present manifestation of Christ’s rule?  Isn’t there hope for the meek right now?

I think so.

First of all, meekness is not the same thing as powerlessness.  Meekness is akin to gentleness, which is about wise use of strength.   We all, no matter how lowly, have some strength, some capacity, some giftedness, some power.  This comes along with the dignity of bearing the image of God.   You have power and strength.  It may be diminished or depleted, it may be corralled and kept in check, it may be denigrated by others or unheralded or unrecognized even by you.  But make no mistake, you have strength. 

So meekness is not about weakness. 

Then what is it?

Here’s a contrast.  Consider someone who is not meek.  Aggressive, pushy, demanding, coercive.  The non-meek person grasps for power and control.    They are trying to seize the earth. 

The meek are different.  They don’t have a need to seize the earth. 

The meek have no need to grasp.

To grasp.  To seek control.  To dominate.  These actions make for a lifetime of anxiety and dissatisfaction.  After all, if all you have is that which you have seized, then you are never secure.   You will expend untold energy in vigilance, and even then, eventually someone stronger, more ruthless, or more clever will seize from you. 

The meek look at creation as it is presented to them in the moment; they see the glory and the wonder and the hand of the Father.  The meek have no need to bend someone to their will, no need to subdue and conquer, no need to wrest anything from another’s hands.

Because they know they already have more than the grasping person can imagine.  

To be meek.  To be content.  That is to be a king wherever you walk, for you don’t need to own anything – it’s all already yours. 

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3 thoughts on “How The Meek Inherit The Earth

  1. God must want me to learn about meekness–Steve preached on the same subject this past Sunday!! I like your synonym: contentment. We can focus on the positive and be grateful for what we have in our lives. No grasping or manipulation. Good stuff, Russell!

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