Covenant-First Window Devotional #1 – The Moses Window

On Mondays through the summer, I will be running a series of devotionals based on the stained glass windows at Covenant-First Presbyterian.   These devotionals originally ran in the Covenant Courier newsletter, and we are editing them for re-issue as a devotional later this summer.  All the photos are by our member, nature photographer Jerry Fritsch.  We invite you to come by the sanctuary and see the windows in person.

LowNorthWall4Read:  Psalm 119:97-112

Moses was the great prophet, the one to whom God delivered the Law.  The depiction of Moses in this window looks like it is straight out of the famous Cecil B. Demille film, The Ten Commandments.  I can almost imagine the voice of Charlton Heston rumbling, “The Lord of Hosts will do battle for us.  Behold His mighty hand.”

With his right hand raised high, Moses calls the viewer to pay attention and heed what he has to show.  We cannot miss the long rod that rests against his shoulder – the rod that God bestowed as a way of validating Moses’ ministry.  This was the rod that God turned into a serpent in Pharoah’s court.  This was the rod that God used to work wonders in Egypt.  This rod symbolizes Moses’ calling as a spokesperson for God.

Above Moses we see the flames, bringing to mind the burning bush where God first spoke to Moses, calling him to the office of prophet.   However, the flames might also put us in mind of the much later story of Pentecost (Acts 2), when the Holy Spirit came down in tongues of fire and blessed the church.

With his left hand, Moses points to two stone tablets, the first 10 letters of the Hebrew alphabet listed on them, signifying the 10 commandments.  The superscription from Exodus 20:1 serves to remind us that these 10 commandments, as well as the rest of the law, do not come from Moses’ imagination or brilliance.  They come from God.  They are the word of the Lord.     Moses, the great prophet, calls our attention, and then directs the attention not to himself, but to the word of the Lord.

Our passage for reflection comes from Psalm 119, an extended reflection on the excellence of God’s word.   What great comfort to know that God’s word makes us wise, that it leads us in our decision making, and that it grows joy and delight within us.   However, to attain these benefits, we are called to meditate upon God’s word.  “Oh how I love your law!  I meditate on it all day long.”  (Ps 119:97)

As we contemplate this window, let us also contemplate our commitment to the study of the Word of God, the scriptures that teach us of the law and of the gospel.

Soli Deo Gloria


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