New Release: Geneva Two

Now Available on Amazon in print and Kindle editions

Geneva Two Cover

Geneva Two is a modern day parable of Christian community and calling.

Written as the oral history of a fictional intentional community, Geneva Two tells the stories of people whose faith has been shaped by sharing life together. Come experience the joys, the pains, and the challenges of living in authentic Christian community.

Each chapter is told by a different character, leading the reader into a rich reflection on a particular theme of Christian living. Small groups will have plenty of fodder for a week by week study of the Biblical concepts explored in each chapter.

Written with verve and humor, Geneva Two is a book you will want to return to again and again.

Geneva Two in the Media:

Review from The Power of Story blog:

“For those interested in exploring the idea of an all-in Christian lifestyle, the modern-day equivalent of the New Testament church, Geneva Two is a wonderful introduction….”

Advance Praise for Geneva Two:

Steve Brown, Key Life Ministries:

“Take some time and spend it in Geneva Two. This book will draw you in and, more than that, you’ll yearn for the community and authenticity you’ll find here. This book is fiction, but the fiction has a reality behind it that is so attractive and so ‘doable’ that you might even create or find your own community. Who knows, that community could even be your church.”

Michael Card, musician, author, and Biblical scholar:

“Around 1515 Thomas More wrote a book about a perfect society on an imaginary island. Whether it was tongue in cheek or “pulling a fast one” he named the place “Utopia” which means “no place.” Perfect societies are an impossibility and so too is writing believable books about utopias. But my friend Russell Smith has done it. With his wonderful gift for language he presents his utopia, Geneva Two through substantive interviews with realistic characters. Ultimately utopias simply cannot work and Russ shows us why. But genuine community can exist and he reveals the secrets of that too.”

Kathy Callahan-Howell, pastor of Winton Community Free Methodist Church and author:

“Geneva Two takes an unblemished look at what intentional Christian community aspires to and what it does not. As a pastor I identified with much in the story and hope the book will inspire believers to risk community and intentionality in their relationships. “

Aaron Klinefelter, Minister for Young Adults and Families at Hyde Park Church of the Redeemer and host of the Praxis Podcast

“This is rich storytelling! You can almost hear the whir of the grinder and the whoosh of the steam wand at the local coffee shop while listening in on Hatcher’s interviews. Smith paints a vibrant picture of a deeply Christian community living authentically in the world.”

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