Weekend Music Mix, July 8, 2017

Weekend Music MixMusic has power to inspire, to move, to lift up our spirits, and to encourage us to aspire to higher things.  I often use songs as illustrations in my sermons, and I frequently share them on my Twitter feed.

This past Wednesday, I started a new feature on Twitter: the Lunchtime Music Break, where I share a song that has encouraged or inspired me.  My goal is to spark conversation and encourage sharing of great music that inspires you to go be a blessing to the people in your world.  If you’re following on Twitter, tune in every Friday at Noon for the post.

Or, since you’re a blog reader, you can check back here on Saturday for the “Weekend Music Mix” where I digest all the songs of the week.

Wednesday: “Love Will Win the War” by Darden Smith.   I’ve been listening to Darden’s work since I was in college.  He has been aptly described as a “Texas Van Morrison.”  This song is from his latest album, and it is simple, optimistic, and hopeful.

Thursday: “Flowers” by Leon Bridges (song starts at 13 second mark).  One of my congregation members, Jana Bromley, introduced me to this fantastic artist.  Bridges is channeling mid-sixties motown, bringing energy and soul to all his work.  And he’s clearly worked in some powerful spiritual themes into his work. This song is a fantastic rendition of Psalm 103:15-16.

Friday: “Dance in the Graveyards” by Delta Rae.  My colleague Nicholas Yoda introduced me to Delta Rae, and he started with this song.  He used “Dance in the Graveyards” as an Easter Sunday illustration in one of his sermons.  Covenant-First members should not be surprised if this song shows up sometime soon in one of my sermons.  It is joyful and catchy!

I hope these songs delight and inspire you.

Now, tell me your favorite songs.  What should I share on a future Lunchtime Music Break?   Comment below!

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