Shadows Of Spock In Jerusalem

This post is part of a series reflecting on my Pilgrimage to the Holy Land. The Pilgrimage was a guided experience called “The Footsteps of Jesus”  - every Friday, I’ll be posting a “Footsteps Friday” reflection (see index here). I look forward to your sharing your thoughts and comments.  Excuse me, Russell, did you say [...]

These Ordinary People Are Quietly Changing The World

Have you had one of those days where things seem to connect? That was my Wednesday. My mid-morning coffee break usually includes reading online magazines, looking for interesting and inspiring stories to add to my collection.  I was not disappointed. I came across this touching article about the Belgian village of Geel.  This little community [...]

An Easy And Simple Way You Can Make Somebody’s Day (Meditation on Ephesians 1:15-16)

Do you feel like you need a reminder that you are not forgotten?  That you matter?  That your presence and your effort have had some effect? Believe me, you matter.  You have been God’s instrument of blessing in someone’s life.  There is, out there, someone who is very thankful that they encountered you along the [...]