Is God In Cyberspace? (Reflections on Tom Friedman’s “Thank You For Being Late”)

“Is God in Cyberspace?” Tom Friedman says that’s the best question he’s ever received on a book tour.  He didn’t have a ready answer - it sent him thinking, pondering, asking other people.  A good question deserves the respect of patience, wrestling, and consideration.  Friedman could have given an impromptu answer.  Instead, he queried others. [...]

4 Basic Qualities that Will Move You From Surviving to Thriving

I’ve been reflecting these past few months about my hopes and dreams for my family.  And one of those dreams is that everyone in my family would not simply survive, but thrive. Surviving is about the basic requirements of life: food, shelter, safety, and relationships.  It even includes a basic sense of purpose in life [...]

Learning the Discipline of Loving

So you’ve made a commitment to growing spiritually in 2017?  You want to be spiritually stronger, wiser, and more grounded?  You want 2017 to be a year of exponential growth? That’s what this series on Fruitful Discipline is all about.  (Update on January 11, 2017: Listen to the corresponding sermon series on our Covenant-First Presbyterian YouTube [...]

What is Christian Spirituality?

People ask very good questions. Yesterday, one of our congregation members emailed me, asking, “How would you characterize Christian spirituality?” There are libraries on this subject, degree programs requiring years of study, and licensed practitioners of “spiritual formation.”  Christian literature abounds with books by the giants of spiritual formation: Anthony of the Desert, Saint Benedict, [...]

Sanctified Intuition – the Holy Spirit At Work

The Holy Spirit will guide you in all truth (John 16:13)How does that work?Subtly, I think.  I’ve listened to friends tell stories about powerful visitations of the Holy Spirit.  Inevitably the tale begins with, “Now, promise me you won’t think I’m crazy.”  Then comes the account: an angelic visitation at a young man’s bedside, a [...]

How Many Christians Are Functional Unitarians?

 My friend Tim Fary told me once, “We Calvinists really love God the Father a lot; we like Jesus the Son; but the Holy Spirit is a total stranger.”It’s only funny because it rings so true.Fix your attention on some other group of American Christianity, and I’ll wager you’ll find a similar engrossment with one [...]