35k by Easter for the Glory of Christ!

Join us in a big, God-honoring project that will bless the poor in the name of Jesus Christ.  I call it the 35k by Easter Project.

The simple goal is this: to have 35,000 Christians to do three simple things:

1)   Register as a lender on Kiva.

2)   Join the “Kiva Christians” lending team.

3)   Make a loan.

Register as a lender on Kiva

Since 2005, Kiva is the world’s premier microlending website, and has been featured in dozens of articles in major news outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, NPR, and BusinessWeek.

Rather than giving money away in developing countries, Kiva encourages small loans to entrepreneurs in developing economies.  These loans play to the strengths of a community.  When they are repaid, the lender gets their money back and is free to lend again to another entrepreneur somewhere else in the world. 

By registering as a lender on Kiva, you will join over 800,000 people around the world who have collectively loaned over $400 million dollars in 67 different countries.  You will participate in foreign aid on a person to person scale.

Want to find out more about how it works?  Visit here.

Join the “Kiva Christians” lending team.

Kiva encourages its members to band together in teams so they can work together toward common goals.  One of the largest teams on Kiva is the “Kiva Christians” team, currently a little more than 10,000 members. 

When we join together in the name of Christ, we make a public witness.  We make His name famous.  My hope is that we can swell the ranks of the “Kiva Christians” group to 35,000.  This would make Kiva Christians the largest group on Kiva (or at least put us in strong contention to be the largest group on Kiva).

Want some reasons for Christians to lend through Kiva?  Visit my earlier post here.

Make a Loan

You actually help an entrepreneur in a developing country by making a loan.  Browse through the available loans and pick someone that speaks to your heart.  You can lend as little as $25.   Your money will be bundled with other Kiva members who want to help that particular individual.  Voila!  You have just been a blessing to someone in the name of Jesus.  When the loan is repaid, you have the opportunity to lend again – I’ll admit that is one of the most fun parts.

During my first year in Kiva, I contributed $400 to my Kiva account.  I’ve not added anything since then.  However over the past 6 years that money has been repaid and re-loaned 10 times over.  So, I have loaned out over $4,400 in 112 different loans, all from that initial $400.

Will you join the effort to help us raise up 35,000 Kiva Christians by Easter?  It’s three simple steps:

1)   Register as a lender on Kiva.

2)   Join the “Kiva Christians” Lending Team.

3)   Make a loan.

After that, please help us spread the word.

Thanks in advance for helping glorify Christ through lending as a part of the Kiva Christians Team.

Soli Deo Gloria


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