Which Of These Photos Should I Include In My Exhibit?

Covenant-First Presbyterian is putting on an art show, and I’m planning to exhibit some printed works from the Horizons of the Possible Instagram Project.  So I’m asking for your help.

I’ve selected some of the highest rated photos from the @possiblehorizon Instagram account (as well as one or two of my favorites).  In the poll below, you see the fifteen finalists.  Now, you get to vote.  Choose up to five of the photos that you think should be in the Covenant-First exhibit.  Use whatever criteria is important to you.  I’m interested in what you think.

Thanks for your help.   Here’s the poll:

Soli Deo Gloria


4 thoughts on “Which Of These Photos Should I Include In My Exhibit?

  1. You’ve been to Maysville?! You may recall Eric’s younger brother is a pastor there. Love it when such connections occur!

    Also love your photography–the composition of elements, the interesting angles.

    • I had forgotten that, actually. The Maysville photo was from our church’s men’s retreat – we did some boating on the river, and that bridge was particularly breathtaking. Looking forward to getting the exhibit together for the art show (Eric has been quite encouraging)

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