Weekend Music Mix: July 22, 2017

Weekend Music MixHere’s our next roundup of the daily Twitter feature: Lunchtime Music Break.  Tune in to the @possiblehorizon Twitter account each weekday at noon for an inspiring and encouraging musical video to send you off to lunch with a little happiness.

Monday:  “The Maker” by Daniel Lanois

Daniel Lanois would have been a legend simply for his production work (especially for co-producing U2’s The Joshua Tree).  But my friend Eric Weltner tipped me off to this wonderful song – soulful celebration of finding redemption.  I like to present live versions, and I found this wonderful rendition from 2012 – full of fantastic guitar stylings.  Take some time to enjoy this treat.

Tuesday:Come a Day” by Nils Lofgren

Lofgren’s storied career includes a long stint with Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band and a turn with Neil Young back in the 70s.  His less notable work includes composing the “Nobody Bothers Me” song for Jhoon Rhee’s Tae Kwan Do school (oh the glory days of 80’s cable).  Though this is from his 2006 solo album “Sacred Weapon,” this song feels like an joyfully earnest early 80s power rock piece.

Wednesday:  “Love and Great Buildings” by Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness.

This is off McMahon’s new album “Zombies on Broadway” – I’ve not given the whole album a listen yet, but this single grabbed me.  I love the optimism – the energetic and clean synth-pop catches my ear and makes me want to keep hitting replay.   Sadly, I couldn’t find a good live version, so you’ll have to do with this video with the studio version.

Thursday:Something Beautiful” by Great Big Sea

I went folk with this one – the classic Canadian folk rock band that built a repertoire around sea shanties, Slade covers, and original tunes.

Friday:The Glow” by Matt Pond PA

I was charmed when I heard this little homage to ordinary daily family life.  Doubling the charm, however, is this video, which is a living room concert rendition of the song.  It makes it feel all the more homespun, hand-crafted, and lovely.

That’s it for this week.  Hope you can take some time to enjoy great music.  And when you get the chance, share with me what music is inspiring and encouraging you!

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